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Try our amazing sani-wash tm & sani-spray tm products

Using extracts of natural plant sugar molecules.

Child & Pet SAFE!

Why Is Our Product getting so much attention?

Our range of sani products are based upon extracts of natural plant sugars,

making them NON-TOXIC, thus preventing life changing and expensive emergency trips,

Yet highly EFFECTIVE!

You will feel the difference!

It is truly "Life . Changing" tm

"Amazingly, with sani-spray tm ENT, my patients with existing sinus & flu were sorted in 2-3 days, WITHOUT using antibiotics.

That's the quickest recovery that I know of, and a very exciting multi functional product indeed.

These products should be used by every body everywhere; on every farm, animal, crops, food factory, food service, plane, train, bus, car, office, hotel, hostel, home, pet and person"

Dr L
Specialist GP Bloemfontein

About Us

Richard Baird


Our founder, Richard Baird has always had an affinity to water, having been a competitive swimmer in his day, he had his fair dose of exposure to toxic chemicals and ENT issues (ear, Nose & Throat).

Later in life's journey, he became an international aquaculturist (a fish farmer - with a fish wife!), exporting fertilised trout eggs to the EU. During which time, a staff member ignored protocols and poured toxic cleaning chemicals down a pipe!!

Similar to the one's that you likely surround your family, staff and yourself with daily.

The result of which was fish deaths in a particular dam. Worse was to come, when the water was examined , the microscopic aquatic life was found to be wiped out by tiny traces of commonly used chemicals.

Discoveries about the sanitising and cleaning powers of plant extracts began on the farm, with Richard experimenting and developing a knowledge that there is actually little to no need for MAN MADE chemicals for cleaning or sanitising, as NATURE has the best solutions.

Following this work and his international aquatic life expertise, he pursued this thinking and after many product failings and rejections in the market place, he has developed this range of highly effective products with the CONSUMER and Aquatic Eco Systems in mind.

Thus, becoming a founder member of BlueEco tm purest aquatic standards.


It will be "Life . Changing" tm


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